One of the SimplyComplex Blog Readers asked me a very interesting question that I thought initially had a very simple answer…

The Question was…
How do I make a Solid….. Yes Solid…. Tetrahedron in Revit…?
What is a Tetrahedron?
It’s the simplest solid with the least amount of sides (like a pyramid in Egypt)
My first reaction was “just” create it in the massing or adaptive component family editor… simple right?
It turns out it is not possible to create a Solid Terahedron in Revit using any family editor. Why? Because a Solid Tetrahedron requires 4 triangular faces and one rectangular face. You could read more about it here. 
So then I thought the best way to do this is to use Dynamo and bring the Dynamo geometry back into Revit. So below is an example on how to create a simple Tetrahedron or pyramid that is 1 unit x 1 unit x 1 unit.
Once you have mastered this concept you could apply this to any sided solid. Good luck polyhedron building and dont forget Dynamo is always Revit’s “wingman”.

One thought to “Create a Solid Tetrahedron in Revit using DynamoBIM”

  • Andy Milburn

    Sorry to be pedantic Marcello, but that's not a tetrahedron. A tetrahedron is a regular 4 sided solid. 4 triangles only, no square face, i.e. a triangular pyramid. I'm sure you can make one of those also 🙂

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