This year I have a special extended handout for #AU2016. It is two sided the images explain it all. If you want a copy attend #AU2016 or get it in the dataset on AU online in December 2016.



6 thoughts to “Special Extended Handouts for Autodesk University 2016

  • Payam

    It was great running to you at AU2016. Always a big fan of your work since the creation of Revit Elephant!
    I am not seeing this Handout in the AU site. Any chance you can post the link here? or email me at ?

    Thanks again for what you do for Rivit and Dynamo community!


  • Amir Zain Alabdin

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  • Mario Giacalone

    Excellent, great job, waiting anxiously !!

  • Giacco

    Excellent job, I'm looking forward to it!

  • Giacco

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  • Heinrich B.


    I'm interested on this Handout, can you send it to me to?

    my mail is

    thank you

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