To add fireproofing to structural columns just add the nodes below to any Revit project that has “W” column sections contained within it.
Easy? It should be. There is no need to open a structural column family and edit it anymore!
What about PIPE COLUMNS? Follow the nodes below and learn how to create fireproofing for pipe columns and how to bring it back into REVIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts to “Add Fireproofing to Structural W and HSS Round Columns Using DynamoBIM!

  • Francisco Farías

    Good stuff! I was recently working on a project where I had to add insulation to all structural families (trusses, all different one from another). I recreated the nodes on Dynamo 0.9, but even with just one column to test, Dynamo gets freeze.

    I have had this kind of problem before with other nodes/projects and never understood why I couldn't perform the calculations. I have Windows 7, Revit 2015 (all updated), Dynamo 0.9 and some packages (Lunchbox, Clockwork, spring, and others). Should I uninstall some packages and try again?

    Thank you for your fantastic work!

  • Marcello Sgambelluri

    I have been finding a few (not all) cases where the above method for the wx col does not work unless you are using at least Dynamo v 9.1x

  • Anonymous

    I have been trying to replicate this script. I am running version 9.0, I have tried on version 7.0 as well. At the GetItemAtIndex Node I am getting the "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection" error.

    Any Ideas?

  • Marcello Sgambelluri

    read the previous comment about .91

  • Jeffrey

    How does one obtain this Dynamo 9.1??? If you go to and download, it downloads 0.9

  • Jeffrey V. Mataya

    How does one obtain Dynamo 9.1??? If you go to and download, it downloads 0.9.0. what am I missing here

  • Marcello Sgambelluri

    click on the download link
    scroll to the bottom of the page and look for "view all builds"
    I know its not easy to find….

  • Sam Henderson

    Hi Marcello,

    Is it possible to add the surface thickening to only half the height of the column?

  • Kieran Atherton

    I have latest version of dynamo and i still cant get this to work,

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