Have you ever wanted to create Grids from a linked DWG in Revit? Isolate the grids in your dwg and link it into Revit. Then add the nodes below shown in the image. It only requires 5 nodes… Yes Really…
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6 thoughts to “Create Revit Grids from an Imported/Linked AutoCAD File Using DynamoBIM

  • Purus

    Just saw your dynamobim AU. Its awesome.

    Downloading Dynamo…! Thanks for that…!

  • Anonymous

    FYI for anyone elses reference for radial grids you'll need to add a Curve.PointAtParameter code block to get the grid line mid point, 0.5 parameter input, then use the Arc.bythreepoints code block then Grid.ByArc.

  • José Luis Rodríguez Corro

    when I run the nodes, It show me the grids in disorder, How could fix?

  • Margarito Garcia

    Thanks for the post Marcello. I was able to use the same workflow to create sloped structural columns.

  • Richard

    Hi Marcello, thank for the tutorial. Can you please show also how to rename the grids using dynamo? Really need it.

    Thank you and more power.

  • christyjames

    Really great site and will be very useful for us. Thanks for sharing.
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