If you ever wanted to find those long lost imported dwg families in your Revit model then DynamoBIM is here to save the day!
Simply follow the graph below and you will be able to select / find / identify all those imported dwg files. Its easy and it only takes 7 nodes.

If you want to select these imported dwg’s in Revit you could simply select them by typing in the element ID from the DynamoBIM filtered list into the “Select by ID” dialog box in the Revit Manage Tab. I hope this helps and happy imported DWG hunting! 
A special thank you goes out to Dimitar Venkov for helping me simplify this Dynamo graph! 

7 thoughts to “How to Find / Select Imported DWG in Revit using DynamoBIM

  • Emmy Thammasine

    Love your blog and with what I do at work, this is a great tool to be able to identify and find Imported DWGs. I tried it but it doesn't work for me.

    For Element Types, I chose ImportInstance but the next step, #2, gives me an error "Warning: ElementQueries.OfElementType operation failed.
    Input type(ImportInstance) is not a recognized Revit API type
    Parameter name: type". I did everything else from #3-7 as you illustrated. Why is it say ImportInstance is not a recognized API type. I am using Revit 2014.

    Thank you!

  • Marcello Sgambelluri

    i cant say
    2014 is no longer supported
    what if you upgraded to 2016?
    will it work then?

  • Andre

    Not working here. After two inserted and two linked dwg, it only returned one item in the list.

    Seems like Shared Site parameter didn't in the same place in element parameter list. Dont you if this is the problem.

  • Enrico

    Reaaaaally interesting tips.

    Just downloaded Dynamo and in 5 minutes I was finally able to find one .dwg hidden somewhere in the model.

    Thanks a lot!


  • WWHub

    I would like to modify this to find nested CAD as well. Nested in families. Does anybody have any suggestions on this modification?

    BTW – This dynamo fails sometimes. I deleted the CAD that showed up in the filter but then the linked CAD showed up in the filtered list.

  • Anonymous

    Marcello & WWHub – Is there a way to find nested CAD in families?


  • Jason

    WWHub and Marcello – Is there a way to find the nested CAD within families?


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