Creating a single list in DynamoBIM is easy. You could use the List.Create Node or Design Script they both only require 1 node.
However, if you want to make a nested list or two lists within a list then it would require 3 List.Create nodes but only 1 Node that uses Design Script.

The Design Script format for creating a list is easy.
Simply place items (separated by commas) in closed curly braces in a Code Block in DynamoBIM and you have a list!

{item1,Item2,Item3,etc…} for a single list or
{list1,list2,list3,etc…} for nested lists.
If you want a list within a list within a list within a list then simply use more curly braces!

The image below summarizes this method

I hope this helps you save time when creating list or nested lists. 
If you want more information on extracting or get items from lists see my previous blog post.