I created this post because I wanted to help clear up some of the confusion when DynamoBIM users want to select all the Loadable Revit Family Instances using DynamoBIM.

Its easy and it only takes 2 nodes but the naming found within each node could be very confusing. So first add a Family Type selection node, select the family type, and then wire that to either the FamilyInstance.ByFamilySymbol or All element of Family Type node and click run…

THATS IT!…Well…there is still the issue of the naming….

This process is summarized in the image below and notice… from the image it is clear that the nomenclature used in DynamoBIM is very confusing because two different words could mean the same thing…

The question is….why is DynamoBIM like this? I have no idea.

Stay tuned to this blog….
I will try my best to help clarify confusing naming conversions, in future posts, as I encounter them.  

2 thoughts to “Want to Select all Loadable Revit Family Instances Using DynamoBIM? Its easy if you could understand the naming used within each node…

  • Anonymous

    Normally the names of the nodes you see reflect the names of the objects and methods in the Revit API.

    This may help clarify:


  • Marcello Sgambelluri

    I understand but at the very least the naming should be consistent.
    If its called Family Symbol because of the Revit API so be it…
    then call it Family Symbol everywhere in every OOTB Dynamo node….
    If it was changed to Family Type then call it Family Type everywhere in every OOTB Dynamo node…
    Same with instance and element
    just my two cents

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