Selecting family types and family instances in Revit using Dynamo could be a little confusing because the naming of nodes in Dynamo does not always make sense to the Revit UI user.
I have created a table and image of what  the Dynamo family selection nodes and what they really mean and hopefully this will help you understand what they represent. Good Luck!

Current Node Name What they Represent
Family Types Placeable Family Types
Element Types System Family Categories
All Elements of Family Type All Instances of Family Type
All Elements of Type All Instances of System Family Category
All Elements of Category All Instances of Category

What the Revit Selection Nodes Really Mean

For those of you who want to hear the long version listen and watch this video where I explain this in more detail

2 thoughts to “Revit Family Selection Node Names in Dynamo are a little confusing. This is what they really represent…

  • Sol Amour

    Pretty cool Marcello, thanks for that! Here's to the Dynamo team coming on board with this 🙂

  • Viraj Voditel

    Hi, If I wanted to see all instances of a particular family irrespective of family type, for e.g. all instances of Tall cabinets in your example irrespective of height, then which function should I use? I don't think any of these work directly.

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