Brand New Method Here!!!!!!!!!!

Frustrated with the limited modeling tools of the scope box element in Revit?
Did you ever want to know how to align and measure a Scope Box in Revit?

Anyone tell you it could not be done?
Watch the following video tutorial I recorded and decide for yourself.
No API was used for this method.
If any of you know me….you know…. I add a lot of background when I explain a new method so make sure to sit thru all 15 minutes and don’t even think about skipping to the end or else you will miss something 🙂
This is for all levels of Revit , beginner to guru.
Make sure to turn up the sound because it was a little low when I recorded it. Enjoy! I hope this helps.

2 thoughts to “Learn How to Align and Measure a Scope Box in Revit without the API

  • Hein Welman

    Worth the 15 min.thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, the method really makes it posible to control the scopeboxes – a line across at both ends and its posible to rotate the scopebox with a precision normally not possible 🙂

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